A group of residents has asked the RMA to convert the remain basketball courts at Stonehouse Park to pickleball courts.  Thier reasoning is that they have 41 regular players and as many as 30 people come out to play on Saturday mornings.  They also asked the RMA to limit the use of the courts to pickleball only.

Now a petition has been started asking the RMA to keep the remaining basketball courts. The petition started by Jennifer Heavenston says:

As many of you are aware, a group of people in RM have petitioned for expansion of the existing pickle ball space. This request for expansion will take over the remaining half basketball court at Stonehouse Park. In addition, this group is requesting exclusive use of the new/old courts.

We need to make our voices heard…this request does not make sense for the community at large. The proposed area of expansion is a frequently used area for play, events, & gatherings. This precious park space is essential for our children to productively spend time being active with one another. Furthermore, if RMA considers expanding the pickle ball courts, they should consider alternative space that is not already dedicated for an activity. It is imperative that we also reinforce that ANY pickle ball space can be used by ANY member of the community at ANY time.

Do you support converting the basketball courts to pickleball courts and limiting their use to pickleball?