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alert phone number 915-206-1899
I live in Wilton
Good morning, don't forget to rent a great movie this weekend at Go Fore Pizza Lots of hot new releases just waiting for you and pizza too!
My 81-year-old mother fell over the lines Greenfield left weeks ago in front of our house. Something needs to be done or RMA will be liable
I am a guest of Harry Riebe and he encouraged me to post some of my photos of birds I have taken at RM. I created an account and photo album , but when I try to Upload Photos an error message appears saying only photos of images are accepted. My photos are in JPG format and wonder if the perhaps that could be the problem
It appears to be related to the size of the file @emccool49 I am tracking down where the issue is.
Found the issue @emccool49 can you try uploading again?
I would like to buy some Girl Scouts cookies...please call me 354-9640...thanks...
There are troops in front of ace and inside of raleys
Hey there! I am looking for great photos to use for a lifestyles page I am creating for Murieta... you have some amazing photos .. would you be willing to share?
A lifestyle page? The Retreats? A more straight forward approach would garner more respect and faith in the development process. Nice that you are asking the photog though, that's stand up.
Upgrading some stuff . . . .
HI Matt,

I'd like to post a question to the community about the best fishing spots on the river to take my son fishing for the first time. Just not seeing an area to create my own posts. I'm likely missing the boat, but help would be much appreciated.
It is fun to check things out - and to hear what is happening with everyone - have a great week everyone! I am typing on my Ipad Mini!
Ok, for some reason, I have totally drawn a blank! Then for some reason, this morning I remembered this group! Must be these brain cells!
SuperHuey Saturday night! Can't wait to see you all!
Queen of the Gargoyles
Hi Matt, Question...I just got a "conversation" from Skyaddict saying it was Tim...wasn't he Skydrifter? Not quite sure why he sent me a conversation (which I guess is the new way to do a Personal Message??) regarding questionable people here in RM...maybe it was something I had said regarding the cats or recent golf cart DUIs
Just found a dead Robin by my waterfall. Didn't look injured. Could it have been the heat? West Nile? Should I report it?
I just noticed this deal over here. Cool.
Hi Doink, people really don't profile posts like the one you made below. You should post this in the local forum section if you want people to see it. Also the Facebook photo is not accessible so you may want to upload it as an attachment. Let me know if you need help.
recognize this car? Silver Rav 4 passed 5 cars on Jackson Hwy today, attempted 3 other passes, near miss head ons over & over.